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The Wincheap Society in Canterbury creates Campaign documents. Many of these can be viewed on the Society’s website winsoc under Campaigns page but some large documents and graphics are better displayed on this site.



At The Wincheap Society committee meeting on 22nd July 2019 we discussed the plans for the road network off the A2 in Thanington and how these affect the Wincheap Park & Ride.

Read this full document, illustrated with four road plans, here:

Plea for Urgent Review

Wincheap Society’s reports and compilations displayed on this site   August 2019

(All these documents can be provided for use in PDF, Word or Pages format.)

10a) The A2/A28 “Bellmouth” Junction at Thanington, proposed alterations: Safety Issues   Report sent to the Department for Transport by Rosie Duffield MP at the request of the Wincheap Society, December 2018, and

10b) Appendix: Sources and Documents   Both documents at Contra-flow on the A2 north-bound exit.

9a). Notification of Breach of Duty of Care, by four Residents’ Associations in Wincheap and Thanington Without and a Wincheap Ward Councillor, to Highways England, KCC and CCC, 22nd January 2018 at Notification of Breach of Duty of Care, plus:

9b)  Evidence of Contempt (2015-2017) Compiled and sent to HE, KCC and CCC February 2018, with 9c)

9c) PR Spoof February 2018 at Some Light Relief.

9d). After Notification  Compiled January – May 2018

8. Thanington 4th Arm Slip Road, Walking, Cycling & Horse-Riding Assessment & Review Report October 2017, Review by the Wincheap Society, January 2018, at A2/A28 Fourth Slip Road

7. The Wincheap Society’s comments on, and objections to CA//17/02718 (“Hybrid application”) at Contra-flow on the A2 north-bound exit.

7a) Letter dated 30 December 2017 (+ comments)

7b) Comments for CCC Planning website

(Both documents posted on CCC’s Planning website, 3 January 2018, under “Documents”.)

6. Comments for Ruth Goudie and Austin Mackie, CCC, following a meeting on 22nd November 2017 with Nick Eden-Green Wincheap Ward councillor and Gillian Bull of the Wincheap Society, at A2/A28 Fourth Slip Road.

5. London-bound A2-off slip Stage 1 Safety Audit (May 2017), Comments by the Wincheap Society, October 2017, at Contra-flow on the A2 north-bound exit.

4. A2/A28 Coast bound off-slip – Wincheap Scheme at A2/A28 Fourth Slip Road

4a) Comments by the Wincheap Society on three drawings of the planned A2/A28 coast bound off-slip, August 2017
4b) Schedule 2, PBA’s points, HE’s Response, WinSoc’s’s Comments, August 2017

3. Access to “Thanington Park” The Decisions See-Saw, Report by the Wincheap Society, August 2017, at Thanington Park Access.

3a)   Introduction: why we wrote this Report
3b)   Background: Thanington south of the A28
Proposed access points to Thanington Park:
3c)  1. A2 westbound slip road vehicle access, and the revised junction at the A2  westbound slip road and A28
3d)  2. Cockering Road “all modes” access from Strangers Lane and St Nicholas Road
3e)  3. Pedestrian and cycle only access.
3f)  Summary

2. Non-motorised wheeled access to Canterbury city centre from the A28/Wincheap corridor, a Report by the Wincheap Society June 2017, at Cycle Paths.

1. KCC Drawing 5269/GA01: A2/A28 Coast bound off-slip, at A2/A28 Fourth Slip Road.

1a) Letter to KCC/CCC 6 May 2017 Wincheap Society’s comments and queries

1b) Schedule 1, Wincheap Society’s Notes and Queries


On the Website Pages:

Cycle Paths: Document 2

Thanington Park Access: Documents 3a – 3f

A2/A28 Fourth Slip Road: Documents 1a-1b, 4a-4b, 6 and 8.

Contra-flow on the A2 north-bound exit:  Documents 5, 7a-7b and 10a-10b

Notification of Breach of Duty of Care: Documents 9a-9b and 9d.

Traffic Nightmare on Wincheap  Wincheap Society’s AGM 13th July 2018, Presentation by Wincheap Ward Councillor Nick Eden-Green

Some Light Relief:  Document 9c and The Wizzies 2017 and 2018


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Wincheap Ward Councillors are Nick-Eden Green at nick.edengreen@canterbury.gov.uk and Derek Maslin at derek.maslin@btinternet.com.  Wincheap Ward includes Thanington.   Kent County Councillors whose constituencies include parts of Wincheap are Ida Linfield ida.linfield@kent.gov.uk and Michael Northey michael.northey@kent.gov.uk (whose constituency includes Thanington).